November 7, 2002 -- NEWS ALERT SERVICE 
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Water-Related Election Results

The greatest impact of the November 5, 2002 election on drinking water quality issues lies with the dramatic changes in officeholders at the national, state and local levels......but the effects will be subtle, gradual and somewhat unpredictable. Key Senate committees that deal with drinking water issues will see new Republican chairs, and the President's Homeland Security legislation will get a boost.  A huge California water bond measure passed and there were mixed results from the coast-to-coast votes on drinking water fluoridation.







Votes on fluoridation



  • California: Redding (Redding Record-Searchlight, November 6) where the debate will continue (Redding Record-Searchlight, November 7)  and  Watsonville (Santa Cruz Sentinel, November 6) where the margin is only 32 votes (Register-Pajaronian, November 7)
    Commentary:  The five votes in states not named California were pretty clear, up or down referendums on the issue.  But in the two California cities, the measure voted on was anything but clear.  A "yes" vote meant "no" on fluoridation.  The measures were sponsored by anti-fluoridation groups and did not address fluoride directly. The measures were written to prohibit adding a chemical to the drinking water that is not approved by the FDA, which has no involvement in, or authority over, drinking water.  What happens next is not completely clear, but will likely be decided by legal opinions on what takes precedence: state law or a local measure.
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