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As part of its ongoing reconnaissance program of US waters, USGS sampled 139 streams in 30 states during 1999-2000 for what it calls OWCs (organic wastewater constituents) using new analytical methods for 95 compounds.  The OWCs, which include many pharmaceuticals and hormones commonly used in agriculture, industry and households, were found in 80% of the streams sampled. Generally low levels were detected that did not exceed any health advisories but such guidelines are not available for many compounds.  The complete USGS report is available and the March 13 issue of Environmental Science and Technology (see "Hot Article" box at top of page) features a paper which emphasizes the analytical methodology used in the study.  The study received wide attention in the print media with headlines such as Beauty Aids Contaminating Waterways (LA Times, March 13) and Drug Wastes Pollute Waterways (Washington Post, March 13).

This study will add fuel to the ongoing activity of USEPA to develop an overall program to address these chemicals and other endocrine disruptors. The USEPA effort was mandated by the 1996 Food Quality Protection Act and was reinforced by a provision in the 1996 SDWA Amendments which gave EPA authority to provide for the testing, under the FFDCA Screening Program, "of any other substance that may be found in sources of drinking water if the Administrator determines that a substantial population may be exposed to such substance." (42 U.S.C. 300j-17) 

In 2001, USGS conducted a second phase of the reconnaissance study with a total of 76 drinking water source waters sampled including 51 surface waters and 25 groundwater sources. A report on that second phase has not yet been published.

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